Denver Autonomous Assembly 12/6

Denver Autonomous Assembly
First Tuesday of Every Month
Deerpile (Upstairs From City o City)
7-9 PM 12/06/2016
206 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Fed-book event

In the wake of Trump’s election we have seen a rise in white-supremacist attacks on marginalized communities, a growing white nationalist movement, and attempts from “the left” to stifle and contain resistance to it. The Denver Autonomous Assembly is a space where people can come together and collaborate on radical projects, campaigns, and actions.

We are done giving power to politicians. This is not a space for electoral politics, campaigning, or NGOs. You cannot vote away bigotry or the latent fascism in Trump that awakens white supremacists. We must create radical institutions in our own neighborhoods and communities if we want real change. Our goal is to remove any possibility of Trump taking power from us by taking power into our own hands.

A few things:

-This space will strive to be strongly empathetic with peoples’ lived experiences, and to be revolutionarily organized.
-The Denver Autonomous Assembly will be a space where campaigns and projects will grow from. It will provide a space for people to recognize that we must agitate, educate, and organize.
-This is a space for intentional organizing, not speeches.
-This is not a space for oppressive behavior, which will be confronted and remediated.
-This is open to the public.
-This is a place where people will collaborate on issues that need solidarity through direct action and mutual aid.
-Please bring thought-out proposals and/or already existing projects that need help.

Proposed Format:
First 45 Minutes – Announcements/Discussion
1 Hour of break-out groups
Closing 15 minutes – report-backs & next steps

(If this format is rejected by the group we will opt for something else)



No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!

As we did last Thursday, let’s stand together and demonstrate our power to the city… and to each other. Let’s show our solidarity with everyone affected by the rise of the right—by the rise of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, ableism, and austerity—here and around the globe!


A fascist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an overt racist, a misogynist, a rapist, and a know-nothing has been elected president. Within his first few days as president, Trump has vowed to deport three million people. He has already put a white supremacist in charge of his strategy and looks poised to gut Obamacare. This is not a time to call for calm. No one is coming to save us. It’s up to us to rise up!

Now is the time to build a material force that can bring about the change we want now, not to get sucked into the trap of electoral politics, which offers nothing but more of the same. How do we begin building a movement that will make Trump’s campaign promises impossible? Do we only want our voices to be heard or do we want to let our bodies follow our voices and resist what is coming? The government doesn’t care if “our voices are heard,” and our society of inverted totalitarianism depends on it, it’s woven right into it fabric, like a cross on a KKK hood.

War is here. People at Standing Rock know it, people in Ferguson know it, and any person of color that’s ever been stopped by the police knows it. There is a war on women’s bodies. A war on Black people. On LGBTQ folks. A war on Latinos. A war on Muslims. When workers stood together in the 20s against the national guard to fight for the 8 work day, they shut entire cities down. When MLK and the folks who rallied with him waged civil disobedience, it caused massive disruption. Stonewall was never considered a peaceful protest. Capitalism is pure violence. Resistance is not meant to be a purely feel good exercise, if it were it would have no effect.

White supremacy already runs Denver, Mayor Hancock did nothing as people of color were pushed out of their homes to make way for people with money who came here for weed. The city council did nothing as entire black and latino neighborhoods have been stripped of their history and filled with coffee shops and art galleries. Police Chief White has done nothing to bring justice to cops in this city who have killed Dion Avila Damon, Michael Marshall, Ryan Ronquillo, Jessica Hernandez, Paul Castaway and the list goes on. What has being patient and passive gotten us? This system is a boot on our necks, the only difference now is that we see that boot for what it is. We don’t want a kinder and gentler boot on our necks, we want to live in a world where no one has a boot on their neck.

The revolutionary potential of this city has only grown since Occupy, since Black Lives Matter, and with Trump’s election we can all come together and build a broad based movement to fight back and build the kinds of institutions that we need, the sort of institutions that can’t get voted out. Everyone in the streets does not want the same thing, and that is where our power lies, in our diversity. Now is not the time for a one size fits all answer, it is the time for a multitude of people, acting in a multitude of ways that rises to the occasion.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, this city is very good at managing and squashing dissent, and if that happens at this critical moment in human history we very well could wake up in a modern version of Nazi Germany, or something closer, yet unimaginable.

There are no bosses in the streets. Non-profit organizations, politicians and movement managers are here to manage our dissent, to control it, to stifle it. We will not yield to those who would walk us off a cliff.

No Justice, No Peace, Fuck Donald Trump!

Security Resources For Subversives

Security Culture 101
Cell Phone Guide For Protesters
Surveillance Self Defense

Use the Signal app for iOS or Android for encrypted mobile communications with comrades

Encrypt online traffic with the Tor Browser

Safety tips for attending subversive events:

– Don’t talk to cops. Period.
If police attempt to speak with you, ask “Am I being detained?” If they say no, walk away.  If they say yes, ask “What is your reasonable and articulable suspicion for detaining me?”
– Be careful what you say around strangers – undercover cops are known to attend demonstrations.
– Leave events with a buddy or in a group.  Make sure you & your friends get home safe.
– Consider wearing a mask, sunglasses and/or a hat if you want to hide your identity from police.  You may also want to bring a change of clothes.
– If you are filming at an action please try to avoid taking footage that may incriminate yourself or others.
– If you have a smartphone, use the Signal app to encrypt your calls and texts so that they can’t be intercepted.
– Encrypt your phone storage with a strong passphrase, to prevent law enforcement from copying data from your phone if you are arrested.  You may also be able to place a PIN lock on your SIM card.

Further readings:

Colorado ACLU “Know Your Rights” guide

Edward Snowden explains how to reclaim your privacy

Child Predators and Bounty Hunters: Inside the FBI entrapment strategy

Prism Break: Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora


10/29 To Our Friends Reading Group, Denver

To Our Friends In Denver,
 Join us October 29th for a discussion group of “To Our Friends,” a book that to many, feels like one of the most important piece of political writings of our era.  “To Our Friends” is a critique of recent movements, a challenge and a call to arms written by a loose collective of French theorists and revolutionaries from all over the world.  It is the follow-up to “The Coming Insurrection,” a book written over a decade ago that foresaw the coming economic collapse and predicted subsequent uprisings all over the world.  It is a book about infrastructure and power (power lies in infrastructure, not governments), challenges our thinking on revolution (its a line we trace in the present) and emphasizes autonomy over out-dated notions of democracy.   
 Join us for a discussion group to talk about the book and the ideas in it.  Bring a section of the book you want to talk about.  We will have copies to pass out.  
 We will meet at 7PM inside the McDonald’s at Colfax and Logan.  
 You can order “To Our Friends” online here:
 You can read the book online as well:

District Attorney Mitch Morrissey Home Protest Sept 17 2015 (PHOTO ESSAY)



On Thursday September 17th, some folks visited the home of Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey in direct response to the DA’s decision not to file charges against Michael Traudt, the Denver police officer who murdered Paul Castaway on July 12th of this year.  This past Monday, Morrissey’s office released a video of the shooting as well as a rambling statement (contradicted by the video) in which he blames Castaway for his own death.

Around 7:45pm we arrived at the Morrissey residence and began projecting onto his home the names of people who have been murdered or brutalized by law enforcement in Denver.

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We also projected Denver police officer Michael Traudt, Paul Castaway’s murderer, to show what he actually looks like on the inside.



Paul Castaway was a member of Denver’s native community. Colorado AIM came out tonight to protest the DA’s decision not to indict the officers and to honor Paul’s memory.

Paul Castaway was a loved member of Denver's native community & CO AIM (American Indian Movement) came out tonight to protest in Paul's memory.

We noticed Mitch Morrissey looking out his window and talking on the phone and we wondered if he was calling the police to come and deal with us.

The video of Paul Castaway being gunned down is heartbreaking to watch. It directly shows the lies and excuses made by police to cover up their complete disregard for his life. We played it a few times onto Mitch Morrissey’s house to display for the neighborhood the injustice perpetuated by this district attorney in his refusal to indict police.

Justice for Paul.


Leaving Mitch’s house as the police arrived about half an hour later, we left some messages behind in chalk.



We will likely be protesting at Mitch Morrissey’s house again in the future (as long as he continues to cover up for and protect lying, murderous cops) and we might announce it publicly next time, or we might not.

RIP Paul Castaway. Love & solidarity to the Castaway family, Colorado AIM, Black Lives Matter, and everyone else resisting police terror in Denver and around the world.

Until next time Mitch

Denver DA Releases Video of Paul Castaway’s Murder


The video of Paul Castaway’s legally sanctioned murder has been released, here  (Warning Graphic) by the Denver DA, along with a statement.  Paul Castaway is a Lakota man who was killed in cold blood by the Denver Police. He was killed while holding a knife to his own neck, his last words were, “Whats wrong with you guys?”

Given Mitch Morrisey’s long standing track record of not doing shit, no one was surprised by the latest decision to not prosecute Michael Traudt for the murder of Paul Castaway.  Admissions like, (he)“started to move the knife from his throat towards me, and he didn’t stick it out, but he brought it down” make it obvious that Paul Castaway should not have been killed.

If anything is clear about the statement that the Denver DA has released, it’s how little DPD values the lives of the people they are sworn to protect.  Instead of someone equipped to deal with such a complex situation they sent in a murderous cop, one who goes by the instagram alias of Gungslinger.

The people of Denver are sick of these racist, fascist violent cops brutalizing and killing us, and we are just as sick of bootlicking city officials like Morrissey who actively cover for and enable this violent behavior by law enforcement.

Rest in Power Paul Castaway, taken too soon.

September 9 Protest at Denver DA Mitch Morrissey’s house

Around 7:30 PM on a beautiful wednesday night in one of the richest neighborhoods in Denver, the Denver Action Network held our third home demonstration at the residence of Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisey. We are starting a new tradition of random, unannounced home visits to officials who cover for the violent, racist gangs that make up Denver’s “law enforcement” apparatus.

"Mitch Morrissey: Complicit in Murder" projection onto Morrissey residence in Denver 9/915

“Mitch Morrissey: Complicit to Murder” projection onto Morrissey residence in Denver 9/915

“On September 11, 2012 Anthony Waller, an African American man who was brought to court in shackles, was assaulted by Deputy Sheriff Brady Lovingier in the courtroom at the downtown Denver Detention Center in an unprovoked attack as Mr. Waller was being advised of his rights. According to his attorney Kenneth Padilla, Mr. Waller suffered severe bodily injuries to his head, including a closed head injury, left orbital blowout fracture and had his teeth knocked out. Mr. Waller also reportedly sustained injuries to his back, neck, legs, arms, ankles, and suffered a hernia.
The three year statute of limitations is running out to prosecute Deputy Lovingier for this brutal assault that was caught on video and released by the press to the public. Judge Doris Burd filed a complaint with the Sheriff Department against Deputy Lovingier. However, a formal response didn’t come until late September 2013 when the City suspended Lovingier for 30 days, which he is appealing, for the kind of assault that would get a civilian arrested, convicted and incarcerated by DA Morrissey.”

(Info taken from Colorado Progressive Coalition et al., source:

The surveillance video of Deputy Lovingier brutally beating Mr. Waller in his 2012 court appearance can be seen here: (trigger warning)

 Video of Deputy Sheriff Brady Lovingier beating Anthony Waller in court in 2012. Projected onto District Attorney Mitch Morrissey's house 9/9/15

Video of Deputy Sheriff Brady Lovinger beating Anthony Waller in court in 2012. Projected onto District Attorney Mitch Morrissey’s house 9/9/15

Our visit to Mitch Morrissey tonight was a reminder that the people of Denver are sick of these racist, fascist violent cops brutalizing and killing us, and we are just as sick of bootlicking city officials like Morrissey who actively cover for and enable this violent behavior by law enforcement. From now on, endorsing police violence will come with personal and social consequences. To Mitch Morrisey and all future District Attorneys of Denver: indict and prosecute violent cops, or we will make sure your whole neighborhood knows what a cowardly piece of shit you are. You may seek to bury and ignore the truth about police violence in Denver, but we will continue to bring the truth to your doorstep.

Chalk left in the street outside DA Mitch Morrisey's house

Chalk left in the street outside DA Mitch Morrisey’s house



Solidarity with all people resisting state violence in Denver and around the world! Fuck the police!


Love, The Denver Action Network, 9/9/15

Everyone Has An Address: March On Mitch Morrissey #JusticeForJessie

Everyone Has An Address: March On Mitch Morrissey
Tuesday, June 16 at 6:00pm
Hungarian Freedom Park 1001 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO
Facebook Event

On January 26th, 2015 a Mexicana youth was murdered and then her body further brutalized by Denver Police. Jessica Hernandez was 17 years old. She was a sister, a daughter, a poet, a queer woman, a friend to many. The day that Jessica was murdered and her lifeless body thrown to the ground, Mitch Morrisey, District Attorney of Denver, arrived on the scene along with DPD officials such as Chief Robert White. Beginning minutes after her death those who hold city power in this town were acting in collusion to ensure that no officer involved would ever face charges.

While none of us should be shocked by Mitch Morrissey’s refusal to press charges,we should be angry.

Indictments aren’t justice and we have no such illusions. But we can no longer allow Mitch Morrissey to endorse Denver Police Department’s gang tactics and terrorizing of communities of color and the poor.

Everyone has an address. Mitch Morrissey has an address.
Join us on Tuesday, June 16th at Hungarian Freedom Park (Speer Blvd & Emerson St) at 6pm.

Justice for Jessica Hernandez!
Justice for Ryan Ronquillo!
Justice for Naeschylus Vinzant!
Justice for Sharod Kindell!
Justice for the Jurado brothers!
Justice for all victims of police terror!

Denver Community Defense Committee’s Official Statement on “March Against Police Terror”


via Denver Community Defense Committee

On Saturday February 14, over 300 people marched through the streets of Denver to show solidarity with families who have lost their loved ones or had their loved one’s lives threatened because of police violence.

When the March arrived at the Denver Police Headquarters, a bucket of paint was thrown by unknown March participants at a memorial to police officers who have been killed while in performance of their jobs. This single action has gained the most attention in the media, and has become a rallying call for Denver police and those who defend their actions.

We, as the members of the Denver Community Defense Committee, the organization that planned the March against Police Terror, voice our unwavering support and solidarity to all those who participated in the protests and March yesterday.

It is telling that at this moment, local media and the Denver Police Department are more offended over red paint being splashed on a piece of stone than the very real red blood that continues to stain our streets because of unchecked police violence. Although the paint was easily washed off the memorial, the scars left by police terror can never be washed away.

That a police department that stages raids to serve non-violent warrants on unarmed suspects during funerals, as was the case when police killed Ryan Ronquillo on July 2, 2014 outside the Romero Funeral Home during a funeral, would then complain about a small amount of paint on a piece of stone as “dis-honoring the dead” is beyond insulting.

That a police department that would handcuff, search, and then brutalize an already dead body as they did on January 26, 2015 after they killed 17 year old Jessie Hernandez, would denounce an act of non-violent protest as “disrespectful” is beyond sickening.

It is an act of extreme injustice that two people will face charges in court, accused of throwing paint on a piece of stone, and will face more jail time and harsher punishments than any police officer who has killed an unarmed suspect in this city. While two unarmed protesters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for an act of civil disobedience where no one was harmed, officers like Jeffrey DiManna, who has been involved in three cases of shooting unarmed suspects in the last seven months, will continue to patrol our streets without fear of any punishment whatsoever.

With these facts as the foundation for the situation we find ourselves facing within the city of Denver, how can anyone question why people would start to feel motivated to take bolder and more desperate actions against the institutions of police violence? The people of Denver have run out of cheeks to turn. We are being pushed into a corner by a system of police who murder with complete immunity, and the city officials and District Attorneys who do nothing to stem the flow of blood in our streets.

Denver Community Defense Committee
February 15, 2015




Call in Campaign for Sharod Kindell to the District Attorney


Photo Courtesy of Denver Westword

We are now doing the 2nd Call-in campaign for Sharod Kindell, currently being held in solitary confinement in Denver City Jail in desperate need of medical care.  This call in campaign will be on-going and not limited to just one day, this campaign is to demand answers from the D.A’s office.    We are asking for folks to call the District Attorney’s Office, and ask the following utilizing a firm though polite tone so as not to negatively impact Sharod’s legal situation.

There has also been a Rally called for at 6PM by his family, at the Denver City Jail. For more information click here. The people we will be demanding answers from today are:

Lamar Sims Chief Deputy District Attorney
the email is:
Lynn Kimbrough Communications Director
the email:
Any of these questions are important to ask, please feel free to ask any/all of these questions.
Denver Police Public Officer Questions: 
What was the reason for initially establishing contact with Sharod Kindell?
What are the names of the officers involved?
What is the procedure for notifying the family in an officer related shooting?
 Why did the Police Department withheld information about Sharod’s condition from his family while he was in surgery? 
Why was the family denied information and decision making privileges for more than 48 hours after the incident? 
Why was Sharod Kindell denied detainees right to have proper treatment and given access to whomever they sign a HIPPA release form for?
Are the officers involved currently under investigation/cleared and or on administrative leave?
How are the officers in DPD trained when it comes to protocol in “Use of force” situations?
How was this procedure and escalation applied when it comes specifically to Sharod Kindell?
Why  has no one from this office contacted the family of Sharod Kindell  since January 9th and till present today January 30th? The family’s  information was in fact taken and a nurse contacted the family but why has no one from the agency has contacted the family?    Is “no contact” for family members a normal procedure?
Does  the Denver police department wish to comment on the disrespectful  comments made to the family in the emergency room, during the  cancelation of the first court appearance and all following court  appearances? 
Is it the policy of the Denver Police Department to allow officers to engage in unprofessional behaviors in court? Why are  negative attitudes towards Sharod and his family representatives and  with a blatant disregard for civility in public settings tolerated? 
Will  these complaints be investigated by the chain of command inside of the  Denver Police Department outside of independent investigations? 
Do you have anything to say to Sharod Kendell’s mother and his family? 
Sharod’s Eighth amendment rights, which are now being addressed by Denver Sheriff’s Office, were violated while under DPD jurisdiction. These rights state that a serious medical need is present whenever the failure to treat a prisoner’s condition “could result in further significant injury or the unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain if not treated.” Significant injury, pain or loss of function can constitute “serious medical needs” Just in case you aren’t familiar some examples of inadequate medical care that may constitute deliberate indifference to serious medical needs include:
  • Serious denials or delay in access to medical personnel.
  • A denial of access to appropriately qualified health care personnel.
  • A failure to inquire into facts necessary to make a professional judgment.
  • A failure to carry out medical orders
  • Unjustifiable reliance on non-medical factors in making treatment decisions. (like feelings about Sharod or the conditions leading to his detention
  • Decisions so egregiously bad that they are not based on sound medical judgment.
Serious medical needs are those that are obvious to a lay person or have been diagnosed by a doctor as requiring treatment.  So saying “I am not a doctor” or deferring really doesn’t work in Sharod’s case because as a public official you also qualify as a lay person.
A condition does not need to be life-threatening to be a serious medical need. But in Sharod’s case he was infact shot 4 times and his injuries were life threatening. Pain may be a serious medical need. Is it the position of the Denver Police department that these issues were unbiasedly and timely addressed?