Security Resources For Subversives

Security Culture 101
Cell Phone Guide For Protesters
Surveillance Self Defense

Use the Signal app for iOS or Android for encrypted mobile communications with comrades

Encrypt online traffic with the Tor Browser

Safety tips for attending subversive events:

– Don’t talk to cops. Period.
If police attempt to speak with you, ask “Am I being detained?” If they say no, walk away.  If they say yes, ask “What is your reasonable and articulable suspicion for detaining me?”
– Be careful what you say around strangers – undercover cops are known to attend demonstrations.
– Leave events with a buddy or in a group.  Make sure you & your friends get home safe.
– Consider wearing a mask, sunglasses and/or a hat if you want to hide your identity from police.  You may also want to bring a change of clothes.
– If you are filming at an action please try to avoid taking footage that may incriminate yourself or others.
– If you have a smartphone, use the Signal app to encrypt your calls and texts so that they can’t be intercepted.
– Encrypt your phone storage with a strong passphrase, to prevent law enforcement from copying data from your phone if you are arrested.  You may also be able to place a PIN lock on your SIM card.

Further readings:

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