Justice For Sharod Rally, 2/2 6PM

FREE SHAROD Rally at the Denver Jail 
6PM Monday Feb. 2nd (facebook event)
After the recent tragic murder of Jesse Hernandez by the Denver Police much of the city and that nation’s attention has turned to the corrupt, violent practices of the DPD; the 2nd most violent police force in the United States.  These shootings are part of a long policy of “shoot into cars first and ask questions later” that last July took the life of Ryan Ronquillo and many others in the Denver Metro Area. The people of Denver are deeply concerned about the case of Sharod Kindell who is currently in jail on crazy trumped up charges after the Denver Police’s attempted murder of him a few weeks ago.  
Until the community began staging protests against the jail Sharod’s family was not getting any information or visitation rights. Until the protests began Sharod did not recieve proper medical care.  Now that these immediate needs have been met the family is asking for another rally and demonstration to demand the immediate release of Sharod, and at the very least a significant bail reduction so that he can be free until he is given a chance at a fair trial to prove his innocence.
For more information on Sharod click here:
Although the rally begins at 6pm, folks are encouraged to have a presence at the jail all day to demand his release.   
If you are concerned about the relentless violence of the DPD, stand with Sharod.  He is one of the few who has survived these deadly police attacks. While Sharod fights for his life it is up to those on the outside to fight for his freedom.
We will be staging another call in campaign at the family’s request to demand answers for Sharod’s family.
Demand prosecution against the police officers for the attempted murder of Sharod Kindell.
This stops now.

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